Youth Ministry

The role of the youths in any society is as important as the life of the society itself. Suffice it to say therefore that the Christian youths are not just the leaders of Tomorrow, but they are co-leaders today.

This is achieved through a mutual relationship which involves supporting the adult members of the church and learning from them in the process while gradually assuming responsibility as they grow into spiritual maturity. Hence it can be seen that the hope of a better future does not just lies in the hands of the youth, but also in how well the youth have been prepared for this future. Thus for this transition to yield the expected result, it becomes necessary to create an environment that will not just welcome but also encourage them to live the Christ like life that is expected of them.

The great teacher in the book of Ecclesiastes 12:1 reminds the Christian youth of the need to serve God during this youthful period. The scriptures also show several example of God using young people to accomplish his will.


Besides seeking and saving the loss, the church has another responsibility of creating a save environment for the youths to fellowship regularly to the God’s glory. By so doing a stronger bond is created and their attention is shifted from a similar company created by their friends and other peers who are not Christians. These can be achieved through the following ways:

·         Effectively engaging them in church programmes and activities. This does not only boast their confidence, but it also provides them an opportunity to make the difference.

·         Identify and assess their needs as often as possible.

·         Device strategies and support mechanisms to meet the discovered needs.

·         Co-ordinate and facilitate their spiritual and social activities.

·         Assess the activities to ascertain that the need for which they were created are being met. If not recommend appropriate changes.

·         Organize an informal session for them to provide feedback and make sincere efforts to address such concerns.


The youths equally have a responsibility towards the church besides living a Christian life. Some of which are:

·         Being committed, supportive and available for the services of God

·         Reaching out to fellow youth who are less committed and encouraging them.

·         Ministering among themselves and developing leadership skills

·         Championing and being responsible for youth outreach programmes thus leading other youths to Christ.

Finally, the aim of the youth fellowship in Stratford is to build a relationship with each other while perfecting our collective relationship with God.